History of Koprubasi
In the opinion of some historians, it is accepted that Etiler had ruled around the area of Koprubasi. Later, it had been under the rule of Kingdoms of Licia, Pers, Bergama and Saruhanoğulları. As a result of Demirkopru Dam’s which was constructed on Gediz River, beginning to hold water and water’s leading to the direction of east and leaving the Borlu subdistrict’s lands under water, the people of Borlu settled to the place where Koprubası takes place after 1958. The main settlement place has been in the year of 1959. It is know that, at those dates in the place of the iron bridge of today there was a concrete bridge which has two divisions and the name of the district comes from that. Koprubasi which became municipality in 1968, became a district on 20th May 1990

Koprubası district takes place on the north east of Manisa city, and on the highway between Salihli and Demirci. It is 120 km to city center, 53 km to Salihli district, 50 km to Demirci, In the north and north west of the district Gordes, in the north and north east of the district Demirci, in the north  east of the district Demirkopru Dam Lake, in the South west of the district Salihli take place. The survey of the district is 25.200 ha and it’s altitude is 250 m.

LAND FORMS, climate and vegetation
Koprubasi district takes place on Gediz dent river basin. In the South west of the district Dibek mountains, in the north east of the district Canak mountains, and in the north of the district  Kayran mountains take place. The district has the typical characteristics of Mediterranean climate. The most common tree type is oak species which are also called bonito tree.

Every year in May ( 19th May week) various activities are regularly organised and realized by our Municipality as the Festival of Culture,Art and Strawberry.

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